Expertise and offers

Comprehensive accounting and financial guidance

  • Certified financial services audits
  • Contractual audits
  • Chartered accountancy services
  • Legal and fiscal financial assistance
  • Consolidation, accounting procedures and standards
  • Labour law and payroll department and related services
  • Outsourcing

Creations and transformations

  • Assistance in business creation
  • Due diligence (sales and purchases)
  • Company valuations
  • Consulting in mergers, provisions, financial engineering
  • Assistance in business transmission and alliances
  • Financial impact management following litigation

Operations consulting

  • Dashboards/Reporting
  • Comparative sector assessments
  • Treasury forecasting and monitoring
  • WCR management
  • Risk management
  • Internal audit procedures setup
  • Information system audit

CSR consulting

  • GHG and carbon footprint
  • CSR consulting:
    • Deployment and structuration strategy
    • Extra-financial communication to obey and exceed regulatory compliance
    • Responsible purchasing to integrate CSR performance into your purchases
    • Turn CSR into a performance instrument and a value creation opportunity

Labour relations and Human Resources

  • A department with 10 people devoted to payroll and administrative staff management
  • In-house support from a Legal Expert in Labour Law with 8 years’ experience at the Paris Bar

Anticipation and optimisation

  • Social protection and pensions audits
  • Family office
  • Transmission scheduling and assistance