Customer Area

ACTHEOS provides its customers with a collaborative platform.

Electronic Document Management

EDM allows you to access your electronic accounting, legal, tax or administrative documents at any time. Once inside your secure personal space, you can access all your documents that we sort, archive and save for you.

Online accounting

Online accounting is an attractive alternative to purchasing accounting software. We offer a subscription to our online accounting software. You enter your accounting in a simple intuitive way. At any time, you may consult your accounting statements, balances and ledgers. We can offer additional technical assistance, validation of your accounting and the production of your tax return.

Hosted Payroll

Collaborative Payroll in SaaS mode.
ACTHEOS has its own professional remote payroll software, available 7 days a week, with an associated EDM. You make your own salary slips and the relevant social declarations. You can then consult our social service on questions pertaining to social law or the preparation of pay slips.


Your shared management tools.
ACTHEOS has created digital solutions enabling you to manage your company on a daily basis: preparation of your estimates and invoices, production of dashboards and key indicators in real time, electronic monitoring and conservation of your documents, management of your expense reports, customer reminders.